The Rothschild Prize in Education in Memory of Max Rowe

Yad Hanadiv established the Rothschild Prize in Education in Memory of Max Rowe to recognize educators in the Israeli school system who promote excellence, initiative and innovation, and advance their pupils in exceptional and commendable ways. Since 2015, the Prize has been awarded to Teacher Leaders – respected and experienced teachers who initiate and facilitate learning processes among colleagues. The selection committee for the Prize includes representatives of the Ministry of Education, academics specializing in education and public figures.

Max Rowe was head of PICA, and until 1982 Chief Executive of Yad Hanadiv. Under his guidance, the Foundation established Educational Television, the Centre for Educational Technology (CET) and the Open University. All three initiatives grew out of his belief that high-quality education should be available to everyone, and that the particular aptitudes of each individual should be fostered.  

Who Can Apply

Israeli teachers with at least four years’ experience and holding at least one-third of a position are eligible to compete for the Prize

How to Apply

You must be nominated to become a candidate for the Rothschild Prize in Education. Members of the public may nominate candidates for the Prize by filling out an online form.


Gallery Year

Committee Members

The Rothschild Prize in Education
Professor Bat-Sheva Eylon, Weizmann Institute of Science
Islam Abu Asaad, Ben-Gurion University
Dr Tali Berglas-Shapiro, MOFET Institute
Ms Najwa Farhat, Inspector, Jerusalem Middle and High Schools
Ms Gal Herut, Director, Teacher Leaders Professional Center
Dr Dua' Jabr Dajani, Kerem Institute
Taha Khadijah, Avney Rosha
Anat Lancry, 2017 Recipient of the Rothschild Prize in Education
Dr Nir Michaeli, Rector, Oranim Academic College
Eynat Rom, Miinstry of Education
Moti Rosner, Deputy Director, Teachers Administration, MOE
Yehudit Shalvi, Executive Director, Avney Rosha