Life Sciences

Life Sciences
Overcoming institutional, technological and regulatory barriers, to take advantage of Israel’s advanced medical system, high quality research in the Life Sciences and computational fields, and significant databases of electronic medical records
Promoting the next generation of Life Sciences research in Israel by supporting research and national infrastructures essential for Precision Medicine
An ecosystem ensuring researcher access to clinical records, broad data sharing, responsive regulatory frameworks; cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations; world-class research projects in the university and clinical system

Yad Hanadiv's strategy in the Life Sciences seeks to help Israeli researchers produce ground-breaking work in Precision Medicine research. Precision (or Personalized) Medicine – the ability to take into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle in the study of health and disease – is widely expected to be transformative for biomedical research and healthcare. We hope to promote Israel's international standing in this area by improving researcher access to genomic and other molecular data on individual patients, linked to the vast resources of electronic medical records held within the Israeli medical system, while promoting a broad culture of collaboration and data sharing.

Support is focused through the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) - a joint initiative of Yad Hanadiv, the Klarman Family Foundation and the Israel Science Foundation, with additional support from the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and Digital Israel. It seeks to take advantage of recent advances in biomedical research computational methods and genomic and related analysis. The aim is to advance basic scientific discovery and the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics by Israeli researchers in universities, hospitals and health organisations.

The Partnership functions as a grant-making framework, operated by the Israel Science Foundation, that provides grants towards cutting-edge research on human health and disease, while helping to build data infrastructures and a collaborative culture across research and clinical settings. It is committed to advancing the public good through open sharing of data and science-driven inquiry within a transparent and responsible public framework. Total funding is expected to reach $60M over five years.

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