Urban Forestry and Shading

Urban Forestry and Shading
Increasingly hot cities and an absence of shade, especially in public spaces
Shaded and comfortable urban spaces using trees - a multi-benefit nature-based solution to help cities adapt to climate change
Significant and measurable improvement in shade coverage in leading cities, knowledge development and sharing of best practices for urban forestry and shading with all local authorities in Israel

In 2022, Yad Hanadiv launched a strategy to cope with rising urban temperatures brought about by climate change through intelligent tree planting, maintenance, protection, urban forest management, and community engagement. This strategy is based on proven experience and research, which have shown that trees can lower temperatures by up to 25 degrees Celsius in shaded areas. Yad Hanadiv is collaborating with government ministries, local authorities, professional and academic organisations to develop and disseminate knowledge, provide support and practical tools. Together with our partners we established the Knowledge Centre for Urban Forestry and Shading within the Israeli Green Building Council, which currently supports 21 local authorities in advancing urban shading and tree planting and conservation projects. Leading cities will receive comprehensive support from the Centre for learning purposes and to implement best practices.

In parallel, we are advancing programmes to raise public awareness about the important role trees play in urban heat mitigation, and enhancing local community engagement. These programmes are designed to encourage local authorities to take the bold steps needed – as well as mobilize civil society and the private sector – to advance urban shading and tree planting projects. The main goals of the strategy are: 1) 25% improvement in shade coverage in leading local authorities within 15 years; 2) establishment of a comprehensive and accessible knowledge and data infrastructure for the benefit of all cities in Israel; 3) data-driven management of urban forestry with national goal tracking; 4) 100,000 new shade trees planted; 5) protection of older trees.




A national strategic plan for shading and cooling in the urban space using trees

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