Rothschild Fellows

The Rothschild Fellowship programme was established in 1979 to help young scholars of outstanding academic merit and potential to advance in their respective fields. The first Selection Committee was chaired by Sir Isaiah Berlin. More than 650 Fellowships have been awarded to date. The majority of Fellows have pursued academic careers in Israel, with many becoming leading figures in their fields. Numerous Fellows can be found in positions of academic leadership in Israel.

Fellowships are awarded in the Natural, Exact and Life Sciences and Engineering (up to 14 per year), in the Humanities and Social Sciences (up to 6 per year) and in Brain, Mind and Language (up to 5 per year).

In 2022 a new fellowship was established, the  Rothschild Fellowships for Physician-Researchers, to support research for holders of MD degrees with outstanding research potential and to enable them to advance in their respective fields and establish themselves as leading Physician-Researchers upon their return to Israel.

A triennial Rothschild Fellows Colloquium brings together the most recent cohorts of Rothschild Fellows, who meet to network and present their work to colleagues, committee members and senior academics in Israel.

Rothschild Fellows 2023

Who Can Apply

Candidates must be permanent residents of Israel who received a PhD at an accredited institution of higher learning in Israel no more than three years prior to submission of the application. Tenured faculty at Israeli universities are not eligible to apply. 

How to Apply

Nominations for Fellowships are submitted to the Foundation by Israeli universities only. Candidates must comply with the requirements and application process as determined by the nominating university.


Gallery Year

Committee Members

Rothschild Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Prof. Anthony Grafton (History, Princeton University)
Prof. Ran Abramitzky (Economics, Stanford University)
Prof. Guy Bar-Oz (Zooarchaeology, University of Haifa)
Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren (Law & Technology, Tel Aviv University)
Prof. Ruth Fine (Iberian Studies, The Hebrew University)
Prof. Adiel Schremer (Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University)
Rothschild Fellowships in the Natural, Exact and Life Sciences & Engineering
Prof. Marcus Feldman (Ecology, Stanford University)
Prof. Joanna Aizenberg (Material Sciences and Chemistry, Harvard University)
Prof. Yonit Hochberg (Physics, The Hebrew University)
Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro (Physiology, Tel Aviv University)
Prof. Howard Stone (Engineering, Princeton University)
Prof. Uzi Vishne (Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University)
Prof. Michael Wooldridge (Computer Science, University of Oxford)
Rothschild Fellowships in Brain, Mind and Language
Prof. Naama Friedmann (Psycholinguistics, Tel Aviv University)
Prof. Tal Eyal (Psychology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Prof. Esther Ruigendijk (Psycholinguistics, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg)
Prof. Daphna Shohamy (Psychology, Columbia University)
Prof. Sachiko Kinoshita (Psychology, Macquarie University)
Rothschild Fellowships for Physician-Researchers
Prof. Shai Izraeli (Childhood Malignancies and Leukemia, Schneider Children's Medical Centre)
Prof. Yehuda Chowers (Gastroenterology, Cyto Reason Ltd.)
Prof. Ayelet Erez (Cancer Genetics and Metabolism, Weizmann Institute)
Prof. Neta Erez (Cancer Related Inflammation, Tel Aviv University)
Prof. Yoram Etzion (Cardiac Research, Soroka Medical Center)
Prof. Raul Mostoslavsky (Cancer Genetics and Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School)

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