Arab Excellence

Davidson Enrichment Programme for Arab Students
Curtailing the loss of Arab talent along the pathway to careers in science and engineering
Increased representation of Arabs among university faculty and in high-level industry positions in STEM
Increased numbers of Arab students pursuing STEM majors and giving greater exposure to career options through creation of inspiring role models

While an increasing number of Arab students study scientific and technological fields, they remain underrepresented in higher level positions. The Arab Excellence Initiative seeks to create a pipeline of talented Arab students who enter university in science and engineering disciplines, complete their studies at a high level and continue on to successful careers in the industry or academia. Our approach centres on nurturing talented individuals to serve as role models for their community. Yad Hanadiv also seeks to support changes within institutions (from high school through academia and workforce) that can assist young Arabs to succeed. The strategy currently supports programmes along the educational spectrum from high school through university.

The Davidson Institute runs an extra-curricular programme (Ma’ale), offering advanced courses in physics and interdisciplinary science to excellent Arab high school students in the North. The scientific steering committee is chaired by Professor Hossam Haick of the Technion.

Within universities, Yad Hanadiv supports mentoring and fellowship programmes for promising undergraduates that facilitate their transition to graduate studies in STEM. We also partner with the Council for Higher Education to provide two annual Maof Fellowships for university faculty positions in the sciences.

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