Programme Grants

Yad Hanadiv initiates and supports projects in cooperation with partners in the following Programme Areas: Academic Excellence, Education, Environment and Arab Community. Yad Hanadiv does not consider unsolicited applications for funding in these Programme Areas. See the relevant programme page to learn more about our areas of focus. If you have been invited to submit a proposal for a grant, please contact the Programme Staff member to whom you have been assigned.If you have been given a username and password, you can manage your application by logging in here.

Community Grants

Yad Hanadiv accepts requests for one-time, project-specific funding from Israeli organisations holding valid certification of non-profit status as part of its Community Grants programme. Community Grants do not exceed NIS 150,000. To determine whether your organisation is eligible for funding in this framework, please review our Guidelines and FAQ material. Initial requests may only be submitted via this website, using the online form. An organisation may submit only one application per cycle; additional applications will not be considered. You may apply for a Community Grant during the application periods.


Community Grants Guidelines

Guidelines for Applicants for the Community Grants Programme

Yad Hanadiv’s Community Grants programme supports projects to address an acknowledged problem or need, preferably with financial participation of Government or municipal institutions.

Typical areas of support include staff and volunteer training, content or knowledge development, equipment acquisition integral to the programme objective, technological solutions to improve access and services. Preference is given to: pilot or innovative programmes that offer creative solutions to social problems targeting specific populations; that contribute to ongoing work in the field; and that promote cooperation with other organisations and government entities. See examples on the FAQ page.

The Foundation provides one-time, project-specific support not exceeding NIS 150,000. The overall budget of the entire project should not be less than NIS 150,000, and the request from Yad Hanadiv must not exceed 50% of the project budget.

 Who can apply?

Applications may be submitted by organisations officially registered as non-profits in Israel (amutot, community interest companies and charities) who meet the following conditions:

1. Valid authorization of non-profit status (ishur nihul takin)

2. Valid authorization as a public institution (Section 46) OR written CPA confirmation of public institution tax exempt status under section 9 (2) of the Income Tax Code

3. An annual budget of at least NIS 400,000 (certified by a CPA)

Are there special requirements?

1. Projects must demonstrate financial stability and enjoy other sources of funds from foundations, private donors (individual or corporate), Government or municipal funding or internal sources.  At least one other donor must provide support for the project equal or greater than the request to Yad Hanadiv. Volunteer hours or services in-kind are welcome but do not satisfy this requirement.

2. Yad Hanadiv will not be the largest funder of the project.

3. Funding requested from Yad Hanadiv may not exceed 20% of the organisation’s annual budget.

4. The activity for which support is requested must be for the benefit of residents of Israel.

5. An organisation which has received a grant must wait five years following the final payment on the previous grant before submitting an additional application.

How do I submit an initial application?

Initial requests can only be submitted via this website, using the online form. The link opens with a Checklist to help you determine if your organisation is eligible to apply for support.

Applications must be submitted on the following schedule:

Summer cycle: submission from 1 February – 1 March. Responses can be expected by the following August.

Winter cycle: submission from 13 June – 10 July. Responses can be expected by the end of January of the following year.

With whom may we consult?

To receive additional guidance and information prior to submitting your application, feel free to contact:

Lynne R. Rosman, Community Grants Officer 02-5665107, press 8 – ext. 309

Please note that data entered on the online form cannot be saved for a future session. We suggest you first prepare all the required data and then complete and submit the form in a single session.





1. In which language is it preferable to submit an initial request?

Requests and applications may be submitted in Hebrew or English; please apply in the language most convenient for you. The Hebrew and English versions of the Grant Portal may be used interchangeably.

2.  How do I apply for support?

Requests may only be submitted via the Foundation’s online Grant Portal (NOT by fax or email). We appreciate your help in our efforts to run a paperless office.

3. What areas do the Community Grants programme support?

The Community Grants programme supports a broad range of activities with an emphasis on social welfare. Support is intended to assist in strengthening worthy organisations and enabling them to better serve their target populations. Please do not try to tailor your programme to the types of projects Yad Hanadiv has supported in the past. Possible areas of support include:

a. Better and more effective services: Programmes intended to take better advantage of available resources (time, personnel, finances) to provide solutions to a specific problem

b. Organisational Infrastructure: Proposals designed to strengthen organisational infrastructure to enable your organisation to serve its target population more professionally and effectively – as opposed to operating support for existing activities (for example training staff members to apply new technology or techniques, or equipment integral to long-range activity)

c. Programme expansion: Developing a service model designed to be duplicated and applied in other geographical areas of the country or to other target populations

4. What projects are outside the remit of the Community Grants programme?

a. Capital projects

b. Basic needs such as food, clothing, heating or housing

c. Projects promoting religious or political ideologies or activities

5. Is it possible to request funds to cover administrative costs of a project?

We are aware that every project and organisation has administrative costs and we will consider covering up to 10% of project administrative costs where the need is clearly articulated. When submitting an itemized budget for a proposed project, administrative costs should be included as a separate budget item.

6. Is it possible to request multi-year support?

The Foundation prefers to limit its support for multi-year projects to a defined stage of no more than 12 months. In special cases, funding may be spread over two years, but the total sum of the grant will not exceed NIS 150,000.

7. The form contains sections which are not applicable to us; how should we relate to them?

There is a standard form for all requests. Please fill in N/A (not applicable) in all sections which do not pertain to your request.

8. Why must I have matching funding for my project?

Our experience shows that a project in which several donors are involved has greater prospects of sustainability. In its Community Grants programme, Yad Hanadiv prefers to join with other partners and not take on the role of leading contributor to an organisation’s activity or project.

9. What are confirmed donations?

Only contributors who have formally and officially pledged their participation and specific funding or professional involvement (volunteer hours or in-kind contributions) to the project, should be included in your application as ‘confirmed donors’. Please attach names and phone numbers of contact people in these organisations in the space provided. Please also list pending applications for funding as unconfirmed donors in the budget information section.

10. I submitted a request using the Grant Portal. What happens next?

a. After receiving the initial application, the request will undergo a first-stage review by one of our programme staff, who will be in touch with you within a month.

b. If the request is advanced to the next stage, you will receive a username and a password for online access to the Foundation’s Grant Management System. You will be required to complete an online application within approximately one month. These requests will be reviewed and a recommendation made to the Foundation management, which meets biannually to consider requests.

c. Every January and August organisations receive official notification regarding decisions on approval or rejection of grant requests. The entire process takes approximately 5–6 months from submission of the application.

d. During the process you will receive e-mail messages such as confirmations of receipt of documents. These do not imply any commitment or declaration of intent by the Foundation regarding the request. Only written correspondence which includes notification that a grant has been approved, the sum of the approval and attachments for signature, should be considered notification of funding approval.

11. Why was my application rejected?

Apart from rejection for failure to comply with the guidelines (such as failure to submit required documents), the Foundation does not provide reasons for rejection. We receive many more applications than we are able to honour and so, are in the unfortunate position of having to reject many worthwhile and deserving applications.

12.  How many grants are given every year?

The Community Grants programme receives hundreds of appropriate requests annually, of which only a small number are approved.  


Apply for a Community Grant

Summer cycle: 1 February–1 March
Winter cycle: 13 June–10 July

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